20 Best Kindful Alternatives & Competitors for Nonprofits

Looking for the best Kindful alternatives? Check out this complete list of leading competitors that offer similar, affordable software just for nonprofits.

20 Best Kindful Alternatives & Competitors for Nonprofits

Kindful boasts one of the most popular cloud-based fundraising and donor management solutions on the market. This platform provides nonprofits with tools for securing donations and nurturing supporter relationships.

However, some customers report a deep learning curve, a lack of basic functionality, and trouble integrating their new system with their existing toolkits. Not to mention, highly-adopted software like Kindful caters to enterprise-level nonprofits, making it difficult for smaller organizations who need a scalable solution that will grow with them.

From poor functionality to unaffordable prices, there are several reasons nonprofits like yours look for alternatives to Kindful and similar solutions.

If your team is looking to pivot off of expensive platforms like Kindful, we've got you covered! The experts here at Donately have been a part of the nonprofit space since 2013. We understand that the right software has the power to supercharge your fundraising and donor management efforts. After empowering thousands of organizations with our tools, we have a solid understanding of which platforms work best for nonprofits like yours.


Using our firsthand knowledge, we've carefully curated a list of the 20 best Kindful alternatives, broken down into three categories for quick accessibility:

1. Best All-Around Kindful Alternatives
2. Top Kindful Competitors by Features
3. Best Budget-Friendly Kindful Alternatives

Ready to see how Kindful stacks up against the competition? Let's kick things off on the right foot by exploring the best all-around Kindful alternatives!

Let's explore the best all-around Kindful alternatives for nonprofits.

Best All-Around Kindful Alternatives

When searching for the right platform for your team, keep in mind that you don't have to sacrifice quality for an affordable price, or vice versa. If you're looking for Kindful competitors that offer robust functionality at an affordable cost, here are our top choices.

1) Donately

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising
Price: Starts at $0/mo. with a 4% platform fee

Since 2013, Donately has empowered organizations to maximize their online fundraising potential and enhance the donor experience. Today, thousands of nonprofits, churches, and agencies trust our software to handle more than $2 million in donations per month.

Built with simplicity and usability in mind, our software offers vital functionality, so your team can take charge of its fundraising and donor management. Connect with supporters across the globe and effortlessly expand your supporter network with features like:

Not to mention, we offer dozens of integrations with many leading nonprofit platforms, so you can consolidate all your processes into a single platform. The system works seamlessly with a variety of marketing tools, payment processors, and CRMs, which gives nonprofits a modern tech stack with the same (or better!) features than Kindful can provide on its own.

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2) Bloomerang

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising
Price: Free for up to 250 records and up to $100k in annual revenue

Since 2012, Bloomerang has empowered its clients with a cloud-based donor management system that was built to help nonprofits decrease donor attrition and increase revenue. Backed by this software, organizations can easily reach, engage, and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their missions.

Equip your team with these features from Bloomerang:

  • An interactive donor dashboard
  • Reporting and data extraction
  • Personalized marketing
  • Website integration
  • Social media marketing
  • Fundraising and donor management
  • Mobile giving tools
  • Communication tracking

With a wide range of tools and an affordable price tag, Bloomerang is a smart choice for any organization that wants to hone in on its donor relationships.

3) Salsa

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising
Price: Request Online

Trusted by more than 3,000 nonprofits, Salsa is an intuitive platform that allows nonprofits to manage vital tasks like donor management, online fundraising, and digital marketing. Salsa's SmartEngagement Technology combines CRM and nonprofit engagement software into a single platform so that you can access all your tools on one system.

This best-in-class digital engagement software comes equipped with everything you need to communicate, advocate, and fund your cause, including:

  • Donation tracking
  • Donor management
  • Major gift cultivation
  • Rich donor profiles
  • List segmentation
  • Customizable workflows
  • Direct mail fundraising
  • Email and social media marketing

Leverage these features to deliver an exceptional experience to your supporters. Get to know them on a deeper level using this leading Kindful alternative, and you'll be well on your way to smarter fundraising.

Let's explore the leading Kindful competitors based on the features they offer.

Top Kindful Competitors by Features

If you've ever dealt with an unintuitive system with insufficient features, you understand how time consuming it can be to navigate the platform and get work done. Nonprofits need ample functionality that suits their unique needs to drive their missions forward. Let's explore several Kindful alternatives that offer plenty of features to streamline your various work processes.

4) Blackbaud CRM

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: Request Online

With more than 35 years of experience in the social good community, Blackbaud's cloud fundraising and relationship management solution is a quality choice for nonprofits looking for a robust solution to handle massive amounts of donor data. Today, this Kindful alternative is trusted by 80% of the most influential nonprofits thanks to its wide range of functionality.

Its advanced technology streamlines data and reporting processes, increases operational efficiency, and provides insight during every stage of the constituent lifecycle. Drive digital transformation across your organization with flexible features such as:

  • Fundraising management
  • Fund accounting
  • Marketing tools
  • Grant management
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Advocacy tools
  • Reporting and analytics

Blackbaud is one of the most robust Kindful alternatives that's widely adopted across the nonprofit sector.

While Blackbaud certainly has its benefits, it does come with two inherent pitfalls: a hefty price tag and a lack of security. Be wary of this as you move forward in your search.

Bonus: Check out our recent post on the leading Blackbaud competitors to discover more trustworthy software options!

5) Salesforce for Nonprofits

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: First 10 subscriptions are free for qualified organizations

With collaboration at its core, Salesforce for Nonprofits is dubbed as the #1 CRM platform and is trusted by more than 47,000 nonprofits around the world.

Rooted in the belief that nonprofit technology should focus on relationship building, this solution empowers nonprofits to cultivate lifelong partnerships with supporters. Thanks to its robust functionality, you can make a strong case for giving with a holistic understanding of donors, volunteers, and members all in one platform.

Gain a 360-view of your organization and solidify your engagement strategies with features like:

  • Reporting and analytics
  • Donor engagement tools
  • Marketing automation
  • Grants management
  • Donor and volunteer management
  • Delegation and task tools

Best of all, Salesforce integrates with several leading providers within the nonprofit space, including Donately. This way, you can consolidate processes and automatically sync donor data between systems without worrying about errors like duplication.

6) Regpack

Areas in Common with Kindful: Fundraising
Price: Starts at $125 per month/admin; 2.1% payment processing fee

If you're looking exclusively for a virtual events platform, Regpack may be the solution for you! This Kindful alternative is an innovative, user-friendly events management platform that helps nonprofits garner more registrations for fundraisers.

Backed by this software, your nonprofit can enhance its event management tactics (whether virtual or in-person) with features like:

  • Mobile-friendly registration forms
  • Communication tools
  • Attendance tracking
  • Payment processing
  • Invoicing
  • Insights and reporting

Regpack proudly claims that its clients have increased their online registration revenue by an incredible 35%. Check out their platform to see if it's the right fit for your team.

7) ClearView CRM

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: $300 per month for up to 250,000 records; 2.75% processing fee

ClearView CRM delivers industry-leading tools that measure supporter engagement, carry out targeted campaigns, and raise more funds across every marketing channel. With a wide range of functionality, this Kindful alternative is best for nonprofits that are seeking a unified CRM to create, deliver, track, and analyze fundraising actions. In turn, organizations can efficiently build engagement, reduce administration, and drive mission delivery.

This flexible and mobile-ready platform will empower your team to reach new heights with features like:

  • Fundraising tools
  • Donor and pledge management
  • Payment processing
  • Grant mangement
  • Events tools
  • Email marketing
  • Social media integration

ClearView offers one of the leading Kindful alternatives due to its range of features.

Make the most out of every opportunity with ClearView CRM, made for fundraisers by fundraisers. Backed by this Kindful competitor, you can effectively manage and report on every step in the donor journey.

8) iMIS

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: $300 per month for up to 250,000 records. 2.75% processing fee

iMIS is a cloud-based and mobile-ready nonprofit management system. This software provides a massive collection of tools and options for membership, fundraising, events, certification, product sales, and more. Built exclusively for associations, iMIS enables organizations to connect with members, donors, and other constituents on any device.

Turn your supporters into lifelong advocates for your cause with help from features like:

  • Constituent management
  • Website tools
  • Online product sales
  • Payment processing
  • Events management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Virtual conferencing

iMIS is a Kindful alternative that helps nonprofits turn supporters into lifelong advocates.

Make every interaction count with iMIS's solution. This Kindful alternative allows you to deliver impactful and highly-personalized experiences so that you can effectively deepen connections with your supporters.

9) Classy

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising
Price: Request online

Classy offers world-class online fundraising tools that modernize the giving experience and accelerate social impact. Since 2011, it's created quite the impact on the fundraising sphere. 4,000 nonprofits have collectively raised over $1 billion using Classy's platform.

If you work at a larger organization and are looking for a platform to handle fundraising and streamline donor management, check out Classy's features:

  • Event management
  • Online fundraising
  • Donor management
  • Online donor portal
  • Payment processing
  • Email marketing

Due to its robust functionality, Classy focuses primarily on meeting the needs of enterprise-level organizations, which means it comes with a heftier cost. Be wary of this moving forward.

In need of a solution that offers just as much functionality as Kindful or Classy but at a cheaper price? Check out our complete list of affordable Classy alternatives.

10) EveryAction

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: Starts at $109/mo.

EveryAction aallows nonprofits to simplify operations and eliminate data silos by combining fundraising, digital, and organizing tools into one unified CRM platform. This complete database gives organizations like yours access to best-in-class fundraising, membership, advocacy, and analytics tools.

To get a feel for this Kindful alternative, here are EveryAction's core features:

  • Events management
  • Marketing
  • Constituent management
  • Online fundraising
  • Social network integration
  • Advocacy tools
  • Custom reporting

Built and supported by nonprofit experts, EveryAction enables organizations of all sizes to enhance their programs and advance their missions. Check out this software to see if it's the right solution for your team.

11) NetSuite for Nonprofits

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Nonprofit CRM
Price: Request online

Through its Social Impact program, NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based software built specifically for nonprofit use. The platform combines modern business software with powerful financial management capabilities designed to meet the needs of nonprofits.

NetSuite for Nonprofits offers plenty of advanced tools to help nonprofits maximize productivity and revenue, including:

  • Financial management
  • Fund and grant accounting
  • Program efficiency tracking
  • Constituent management
  • Automated reporting

NetSuite for Nonprofits' integrated solution allows nonprofits to increase efficiency, monitor finances, and gain a holistic view of organizational performance—all within one platform.

There are several budget-friendly Kindful alternatives available, which this next section explores.

Best Budget-Friendly Kindful Alternatives

As a nonprofit fundraising professional, you understand the importance of stretching each penny. Every dollar spent on software is one less dollar invested in fulfilling your mission. To help you locate budget-friendly Kindful alternatives, we've pulled together several options that we think you'll like.

12) NeonCRM

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: Starts at $49 per month; 2.9% +$0.30 processing fee

Built specifically for nonprofits, NeonCRM provides organizations with specialized tools to monitor their entire donor ecosystems. This robust cloud-based CRM database is centered on relationship-based fundraising and streamlining daily operations both online and offline.

Harness the power of better fundraising and constituent management with features like:

  • Web development tools
  • Event management and ticketing
  • Volunteer management
  • Membership and association tools
  • Fundraising tools
  • Offline donation management
  • Relationship tracking
  • Grant management
  • Online storefronts
  • Survey builder

Best of all, NeonCRM seamlessly integrates with a suite of other leading platforms (like Donately!) to deliver impactful results. Automatically feed data directly into the CRM and allow for real-time transaction processing with ease.

13) DonorPerfect

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: Starts at $89 per month for up to 1,000 records

For nonprofits that are searching for an affordable end-to-end platform, DonorPerfect is a plausible option. This online fundraising and nonprofit management solution helps organizations readily access constituent information to guide fundraising, boost operational efficiency, and maximize supporter engagement.

Built specifically for nonprofits, DonorPerfect provides nonprofits with access to high-level (yet affordable) features like:

  • Online fundraising
  • Constituent management
  • Advanced filtering and segmentation
  • Grants management
  • Personalized marketing
  • Event and auction management
  • Automated workflows and reporting
  • Donor cultivation

DonorPerfect's customers experience an astounding 47% average donor retention rate, which is nearly double the average retention rate of the nonprofit sector. Not to mention, automation enables these teams to save 38% of their time each week, which they can reinvest in developing lasting donor relationships.

14) Monday.com

Areas in Common with Kindful: Nonprofit CRM
Price: Starts at $8 per user/mo. — Apply for a nonprofit discount

Monday.com is an easy-to-use CRM that allows organizations to manage everything in one place — including sales pipelines, projects, and marketing. Its ease of use makes for quick onboarding and empowers nonprofits to fully customize their workflows. That way, you can make the most of every minute and get back to what matters: engaging your donors.

Keep track of your entire organization and boost engagement with powerful productivity features like:

  • Automated emails
  • Project management capabilities
  • Goal tracking
  • Marketing tools
  • Data-driven insights

Not to mention, Monday.com integrates with several of the day-to-day tools you already use (like Slack and MailChimp) to improve nonprofit operations as a whole. With seamless integrations, you can fully customize your toolkit to be even more effective than Kindful's standalone platform.

15) Sumac

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: Free for eligible organizations

Sumac is a highly-customizable CRM system that's designed to facilitate nonprofit operations. The forward-thinking team behind Sumac built a platform that allows data to be centralized into one location, including contact details, donation history, communications, and custom fields. With complete customizability, nonprofits can adjust the platform to streamline different tasks.

Backed by this Kindful alternative, your team will gain access to intuitive features like:

  • Contact management
  • Engagement history
  • Email marketing
  • Grant opportunity search

If this Kindful alternative doesn't quite meet all your needs upfront, no worries! You can build out your toolkit with custom add-ons like prospecting and form creation, so the solution is fully tailored and track the data you need.

16) Givebutter

Areas in Common with Kindful: Fundraising
Price: No platform fees, 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee

Trusted by more than 15,000 charitable causes around the world, Givebutter is an easy-to-use fundraising platform that powers nonprofits to raise more through donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising, and events. Thanks to its intuitive interface, onboarding time is minimized and your team can completely manage your fundraising endeavors with ease.

Here are some of the tools this Kindful alternative will supply you with:

  • Customizable online donation forms
  • Branded peer-to-peer fundraising pages
  • Recurring donations
  • Text-to-donate
  • Event management
  • Tax-ready donation receipts

Givebutter attributes its success to its transparent pricing and a beautifully-designed user interface. With ongoing developments, Givebutter has become one of the fastest-growing and top-rated Kindful alternatives since its founding in 2016.

17) NationBuilder

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: Starts at $29 per month

Completely manage your supporters, volunteers, and donors within one convenient platform and engage them when it matters most. NationBuilder is a community engagement platform that powers the world’s most high-stakes campaigns. Bring your database to life with dynamic supporter profiles that update with every interaction.

Here's an idea of the kind of functionality this Kindful alternative provides:

  • Online petitions
  • Fundraising and donor management
  • Personalized email and texting tools
  • One-time and recurring donation management
  • Fully-integrated website and supporter database

NationBuilder is a leading Kindful competitor that focus on boosting community engagement.

Due to its powerful features and transparent pricing, NationBuilder is now trusted by more than 9,000 customers in 112 countries. Their team goes above and beyond to help clients make the most of their technology.

18) AssoConnect

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Fundraising | Nonprofit CRM
Price: Free for up to 50 contacts

AssoConnect is a powerful cloud-based nonprofit management software. This solution streamlines operations with complete membership, donation, and communication management. Its customer relationship management module enables administrators to store information about beneficiaries, volunteers, and donors.

From religious organizations to civil rights and advocacy groups, AssoConnect meets the needs of all sorts of nonprofits with affordable features like:

  • Donation forms
  • Communication tools
  • Donor, volunteer, and member management
  • Events management
  • Data transfer
  • Web development tools

AssoConnect offers a cost-effective Kindful alternative that fits any nonprofit's budget.

This all-in-one platform enables nonprofit professionals to manage their organizational data within one convenient location. No more dealing with several platforms that don’t work well together and create clunky processes.

19) DoJiggy

Areas in Common with Kindful: Fundraising
Price: No subscription fees; 2.2-2.9% +$0.30 processing fee

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to boost your charitable efforts through innovative fundraising tech, DoJiggy may be the solution for you. Since 2003, DoJiggy has powered the nonprofit sector with its tech-based solutions. They're constantly looking for new ways to grow philanthropic communities and streamline administrative work for fundraising campaigns.

Their platform is constantly refined to maximize fundraising with features like:

  • Donation software
  • Event management
  • Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Golf tournament fundraisers
  • Online storefronts
  • Fundraising raffles
  • Charity auctions
  • Social media integration

Like Donately, DoJiggy offers a convenient feature that allows donors to cover the payment processing fees. Instead of deducting part of their donations, 100% of donor contributions will go to support your cause.

20) Aplos Donor Management

Areas in Common with Kindful: Donor Management | Nonprofit CMS
Price: Starts at $59 per month; 10% discount with an annual subscription

Aplos empowers churches and other nonprofits to attract committed donors, automate contact management, and receive instant insights to pinpoint improvement opportunities. Backed by this Kindful alternative, you can modernize your outdated donation processes, empower donors to give their way with various payment options, and master your organization's accounting and financials.

Get up and running within a few minutes thanks to powerful features like:

  • Donor and member management
  • Online fundraising tools
  • Text-to-give
  • Automatic donation receipts
  • Fund accounting
  • Web development tools

With Aplos, your team can get everything it needs in one place to manage donations, track finances, launch events, and collaborate to achieve your mission. thanks to its robust functionality, you can connect with supporters who will stick around for a lifetime.


Wrapping Up

As you can see, your nonprofit isn't limited to one software company to maintain fundraising and manage your constituents. There are dozens of platforms available, and the right solution all depends on what features you need. Go with one that allows you to improve the donor experience, simplify processes, and increase revenue. And don't forget about affordable and transparent pricing!

Remember, your nonprofit doesn't have to sacrifice quality for a cheaper price, or vice versa. We recommend checking out Donately's affordable (yet highly functional) platform first.

With these Kindful alternatives on your radar, you can move forward with selecting the right solution for your team. Now that you're ready to move forward, put your new software to use and continue improving your nonprofit management by exploring these additional resources: