Top 15 Fundraising Ideas for Clubs in 2024

Innovative fundraising is key today for all types of clubs. Move beyond bake sales with creative ideas that drive engagement and keep conversations going.

Top 15 Fundraising Ideas for Clubs in 2024

Is it just us, or is it getting harder and harder to fundraise? While traditional methods like bake sales and car washes still have their place, today it’s essential to come up with innovative and engaging fundraising ideas for clubs. The kind that can attract attention, drive engagement, and keep the conversation going long after they end. We’ll get you started with brainstorming tips plus some creative ways to fundraise for clubs.

How to Brainstorm Good Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

When you’re part of a club, it’s important to get everyone involved in fundraising right from the start. When all the members play a part in coming up with club fundraising ideas, they’ll be more invested in making them happen. Gather your team and use these tips to brainstorm: 

  • Define your goals: Every campaign starts with a goal. What’s your objective, and how much do you need to raise? Does it need to be ongoing? How much can you spend on an event? This affects which ideas are right for you. 
  • Create the right environment: Set the stage by creating a positive and supportive environment. Start the session with a fun icebreaker activity and emphasize that all ideas are welcome.
  • Generate a list of ideas: Ask open-ended questions and use brainstorming strategies like mind mapping, free association or word association. Encourage participants to generate as many ideas as possible, no matter how wild or unconventional they may seem. 
  • Use the “yes, and” technique: Build on each other’s ideas by responding to them with “yes, and then we can do X,” instead of dismissing them. Invite others to add onto an idea or suggest variations to develop more creative strategies.
  • Evaluate and refine your list: Narrowing down your list should be the last thing you do. Now is the time to evaluate each idea based on its practicality, potential revenue and alignment with your audience, budget and goals. 
  • Vote on the winner: Once you have a list of three to five ideas that meet your criteria, put them to a vote. You can give everyone a single vote or have group members rank the ideas. 

By thinking outside the box and engaging your entire group, you can come up with great ideas that will also meet your financial goals. We’ve listed some of the best fundraising ideas for clubs below to get you started. 

Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Sports teams are one of the most common types of clubs that need to fundraise. Use these ideas as part of your school fundraising strategy or for sports teams in particular.

1. Custom Sports Bags

Custom athletic bags simply make sense as a fundraiser for sports teams. Collaborate with a local business or find deals online to design and manufacture bags with your colors, name, and logo. Sell them to team members, supporters, and the community to support your cause.

2. Front Row Seat Raffle

Creating your own “VIP” section at your team’s sporting event, complete with velvet ropes, is a fun way to engage the community. Or, partner with a local sports team to offer coveted front-row tickets to one of their games. Either way, you’ll attract attention – and donations. 

3. Game Night

Game nights are a great fundraising idea for clubs because they appeal to many different types of people. Have participants purchase tickets to play bingo or board games. Sell refreshments and snacks to raise additional funds and request donations from local businesses, like prizes, food, and drinks. 

Fundraising Ideas for Dance Teams

It’s hard to put on your dancing shoes without the funds you need for fabulous costumes and trips to the finals. These club fundraiser ideas will have you grooving.

4. Silent Disco Dance Party

At a silent disco, participants wear wireless headphones and dance to music only they can hear. Charge admission for the event, sell food and drinks, and provide a variety of music channels to cater to different tastes. It’s a unique and interactive experience that’s sure to be a hit.

5. Fashion Show

Dance and fashion go hand in hand, so why not organize a fashion show club fundraiser? Come up with your own outfits or have local boutiques and designers donate clothes and accessories. Have other businesses sponsor the event. They get publicity, and you get donations. 

6. Holiday Gift Wrap Station

By the holiday season, you’re already planning for spring and summer dance trips. Setting up a gift wrapping station at a local shopping center is the perfect way to raise funds early. Just provide wrapping paper, ribbons, and other supplies to volunteers, who wrap gifts for a donation.

Fundraising Ideas for Youth Groups

Youth groups just want to have fun – and they need team fundraising ideas for clubs that are both playful and effective. Try these on for size.

7. Costume Walk-a-thon

In a walk-a-thon, participants raise funds by collecting pledges for the number of miles they walk. Youth groups can put a fun twist on it by adding silly costumes and offering prizes. Encourage friendly competition with team fundraising pages that show who’s out in front. Fundraising for clubs has never been more fun. 

8. Scavenger Hunt

Take your participants on an exciting adventure with a scavenger hunt. Charge an entry fee for teams to participate and offer prizes for completing challenges and finding special items. Offer local businesses the chance to sponsor a clue to bring people to their location. It’s a win-win. 

9. Photo or Art Calendar

Create a calendar with photographs of your youth group or artwork they created. Or branch out and feature local photographers and artists. Plenty of websites can print your calendar, making this an easy fundraising idea for clubs. Then all you need to do is sell them to your supporters. 

Fundraising Ideas for Trips 

From church groups to senior classes, clubs that go on trips gain a new perspective and often contribute to a worthwhile project. But you’ll need plenty of funds to get there. 

10. Art Auction

Art auctions are a great way to attract enthusiasts and collectors who may be willing to make a big donation. Reach out to local artists or stores to donate artwork, then set it up like a professional gallery and invite supporters to bid on their favorite pieces. You might be surprised at how much you can raise.

11. Cookbook

Cookbooks are a classic club fundraiser, and they work especially well for trips. Gather recipes from the region or country you’ll be visiting and create a cookbook that gives your supporters a taste of your destination. Sell them online and at local events before your trip. 

12. Trivia Night

Like cookbooks, a themed trivia night is one of the best fundraising ideas for clubs that are going on a trip. Research your destination and host an event that’s all about its geography, culture, and history. Charge admission, sell food and drink, and encourage more donations throughout the night.

Fundraising Ideas for College Clubs

When you’re in college, you don’t want to stick to the same old fundraising ideas for clubs – you want something unique. Here are our best ideas.

13. Tailgate Chili Cook Off

A tailgate chili cook-off is the perfect college club fundraising idea. Participants pay an entry fee and compete to win in categories like spiciest, most creative and overall winner. Attendees purchase tickets to sample the entries and vote for their favorites. Who wouldn’t love that?

14. Open Mic Night

College students are a creative bunch – so give them an outlet and see what happens.  

Invite musicians, poets, comedians, and performers to showcase their talents at an open mic night. Charge an admission fee and offer refreshments. You can even turn it into a monthly giving opportunity.

15. Gaming Tournament

Video games and competition – what could be better for college students? Take over your common room for a tournament of popular multiplayer games. Charge a fee for both participants and spectators, and give out prizes for both, too. Buy a silly trophy as the grand prize that you can pass down year after year. 

Make Your Club Fundraiser a Success with Donately

Fundraising ideas for clubs all have one goal: Raise money for your cause. Once you’ve nailed down your event, the next question is how you’re going to collect all those donations. An online platform like Donately makes fundraising seamless with features like custom forms and pages, email and social media integrations and peer-to-peer fundraising.

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