Unique Nonprofit Fundraisers

Unique Nonprofit Fundraisers

Need a few ideas to spice up your fundraising? Here are three unique ideas for events that your nonprofit can set up to raise money:

Social Media Contest

Social media is essential for any business today, and nonprofits are no exception. In fact, <a href=http://techreport.ngo/">around 92% of NPOs report that they have a Facebook page.

Take advantage of your audience by running a fun social media contest. Create a post for your donors to share to their followers with a link to a specific donation page. Have donors pledge to donate a set amount for each "Like" their post gets. If you want, you could even offer a small reward for the individual who gets the most Likes!

Not only is this a way to raise money, it's always a great way to expand your reach to a relevant audience. Leveraging your supporters to expand your organization's reach is some of the cheapest, yet arguably most effective, social media marketing available.

Cooking Contest
Shows like *Iron Chef* or *Chopped* on Food Network aren't just for the small screen, they also make for great fundraisers! Go beyond chili cook-offs or backyard barbecues with an engaging activity that will be a hit (pun intended?) with everyone. Pick a handful of secret ingredients, and challenge the chefs to create the best possible meal they can using all of them.

You can raise money by selling tickets to the event & inviting vendors to set up booths at a negotiated cost.

Don't have a full exhibition kitchen like on the shows? Even better! Get creative by challenging the chefs to "microwave & toaster oven only" meals. Who wouldn't love some gourmet microwave popcorn with melted marshmallow and bacon?

Local Business "Crawl"
Similar to a pub crawl, coordinate a day of going around to various local businesses, be they clothes shops or restaurants. Each business will create specials just for your group, of which a portion of the revenue will go back to your organization. You can also create a scavenger hunt to encourage participation. This is a great way to engage with your local community while including the entire family!