New Feature: Updated Donation Form Builder

The Donately team has released a major update to it's best-in-class donation form builder. Read all about the upgrades!

New Feature: Updated Donation Form Builder

The Donately Team is very excited to announce an extensive update to our best-in-class donation form builder. With this update, we’ve made it easier than ever to create the perfect donation form and improve your donor experience.

Here's a look at the improvements we've made:

Simplified Building Process

Our new stepped builder will provide a much greater focus on each element of the builder, giving you an easier pathway to the perfect donation form. And, with our expanded usage of tool-tips, you’ll never be in-the-dark about what each option means, giving you greater confidence in your form.

Code-Free Custom Fields

Join me in saying "Goodbye!" to coding custom fields manually and "Hello!" to our new point-and-click editor! In a few simple clicks, you can create, customize and place custom fields in your donation form. With the ability to create text fields, drop-downs, checkboxes, hidden fields and more, collecting the right information from your donors is now easier than ever.

Cut Your Costs with New Donor Pays Fees Options

Saving money with Donately has never been more straightforward with our new donor-pays-fees editor. Without entering a single line of code, you can now allow donors to pay your per-donation fees in a variety of ways. This includes the precise Donately and payment processing rates, charging a fixed amount for each donation, or something more custom. Whatever you decide to do, offering this option to your donors is a great way to drastically cut the net cost of Donately.

Design with Ease

In a nod to the roots of Donately (hi, Fifty and Fifty!), we’ve removed the headache of customizing the style of our donation form by giving the CSS editor room to breathe. With this newly added space for editing elements of your form, you’ll be able to whip up a custom design faster than ever, matching your form to your brand like never before.

What’s more, this new structure will give us the ability to add new themes to our donation forms. Stay tuned!

Room for Growth

For our fellow nerds out there, this update also included a full refactoring of the editor, which will allow us much greater flexibility moving forward. This means faster updates, more features, and fewer bugs. We’re all super excited about the capabilities this new builder gives us moving forward, and we can’t wait to share what we have in store with you all soon.

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