Donately Updates - September 2019

Donately Updates - September 2019

Over the summer, we were been busy making improvements to the Donately platform that we're excited to share.

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Text Messaging

One of the most exciting feature releases from Donately is finally here: Text Messaging! You can now create custom text message codes and responses right from your Donately dashboard. Our text messaging suite is perfect for collecting donations, giving out information for peer-to-peer fundraising, collecting votes, or anything else you can think of.

Text messaging is available as a part of any Team or Enterprise plan. If you're interested in moving to one of these plans, check out the upgrade page in your dashboard.

For more information, check out this help article.


PayPal as a payment method, another highly anticipated feature, has emerged from Beta testing and is now available for all users! Donations through PayPal can now be made from any Donately form, and will offer your donors yet another way to give to your organization.

To get started with PayPal, you'll first need to connect your organization's PayPal account to Donately. You can do this by going to Account Settings, then clicking PayPal settings. Once your PayPal account is connected, you'll be able to toggle on PayPal as a payment option from any form! Just note, if you've previously embedded your donation form, you'll need to re-embed that form once you've turned PayPal on.

Campaign Page Changes

On top of the new feature additions discussed above, we've also made a change to Campaign pages where peer-to-peer fundraising is enabled. Taking into account feedback from many accounts, we've made "Start a Fundraiser" the main call-to-action on the Campaign page, as well as providing a block below the header image that shows the top Fundraising pages with a link to view all Fundraisers for that Campaign. This should make it easier than ever for your audience to create their own Fundraiser, or for supporters to find the correct Fundraiser to which to give.

No actions are necessary for this to take place, and this change is available to all users.

Delete Campaigns & Fundraisers

Along with the continued ability to archive Campaigns & Fundraisers, you are now able to delete. At this time, you're only able to delete pages without earmarked donations or a specific donation form attached. For pages with one, or both, of those, you'll always be able to archive the page so it is removed from public view.

Checkbox Filters

In order to accommodate both past and upcoming additions to our platform, we've added the ability to filter by multiple selections. For example, this will allow for the ability to view all donations that were made by credit card and ACH, or recurring plans that are marked as cancelled and suspended.

Improved Cross-Record Linking

We've added a handful of links inside of detail records that can get you to related pages quickly. This includes a link to see all details of a recurring plan from a specific donation page, links to see full donor records from the donation detail, and more. Our goal here is to save you a little time, and make finding related records easier and more efficient.

Reorganized Form Builder

In another effort to support future releases, we've reorganized our form builder and changed the way some options function. This will also allow us to quickly add support for new features in the future!