Donately Updates - August 2020

Donately has released a handful of new updates for August 2020!

Donately Updates - August 2020

Over the past month, the Donately Team has released another cohort of updates and features. Check out the full list below!

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New Campaign Page Building Experience

We have completely overhauled the experience when building Campaign pages. The new builder offers a more guided experience, with many updates and improvements. Updates include a consistent, step-by-step experience, improvements to the content editor, the image positioning, and a new draft state.

Draft Mode

One of the most requested features is finally here! We now give you the ability to create and save Campaigns without pushing all changes live to the public. Take your time creating the perfect page, allowing you time to get buy-in from your team and involve everyone in the creation process.

New Content Editor

Our updated content editor makes it much easier to insert media into your pages, including images and videos. What's more, we've opened up the options for editing text, giving you the flexibility to format the content exactly as you'd like to tell your story most effectively.

Image Positioning

Along with the new content editor, we now give you the option to pick a "focus-point" of your cover image. This update provides you greater control over your pages' look, especially as the page scales down to smaller screen sizes.

Campaign & Fundraising Design Options

The newest addition to our Team & Enterprise Plans is the ability to customize & hide certain elements of the Campaign & Fundraising pages. Additionally, now you can set a primary color across all pages to better match your brand, hide the goal bar, and hide the campaign title to bring more attention to your cover photo. Finally, you can also hide elements on Fundraising pages, including recent supporters and donor comments.

These updates allow you to create various campaigns that fit your needs and goals the best while matching your brand exactly, giving your supporters greater peace-of-mind and enhance the consistency across all of your digital assets.

Accessibility Upgrades

Perhaps our most impactful update in this cohort was our integration of the (fantastic) accessiBe platform into our hosted pages and website. This widget allows visitors to experience the web in a way that fits their unique needs. Accessible adds great options for visually impaired users, a better experience for those with cognitive disabilities, a safe browsing experience for those with epilepsy, and more.

We're working hard to bring this widget to our dashboard. Stay tuned for further updates!

Various usability and bug fixes

Unheralded but crucial nonetheless are the tireless efforts the team takes to improve the platform's usability for all users. While you may never notice these updates specifically, the hard work put in by our team ensures that any bugs and clunky experiences are addressed quickly. This month includes a better print-view and a few bug fixes related to filtering data.

While we test and use our platform religiously, we also rely on you to bring needed improvements to our attention! If you ever notice a bug or something "off," click on the question mark icon in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard and select "Submit A Bug." This bug submission form is the best way to alert us to areas of the platform that need attention.