A schools within 40 minutes of every child in Armenia

TUMO aimed to bring education to rural Armenia using innovative hubs. Partnering with Fifty and Fifty, Donately initiated a campaign, providing distinct donor experiences. The outcome? A remarkable $24.7M raised, funding for 30+ hubs, and an Anthem Award Nomination.

A schools within 40 minutes of every child in Armenia

A schools within 40 minutes of every child in Armenia

TUMO provides cutting-edge education to youth in Armenia and around the world. However, their powerful TUMO Centers are only accessible to children in urban city centers. They needed a way to fund a new program that focused on bringing their world-class education centers to rural communities. And, they needed a donation platform that could handle the task.


Bringing education to rural communities in Armenia required out-of-the-box thinking and execution. Hence the concept of a TUMO Box—a shipping container-turned-educational classroom aimed at bringing high-end education within 40 minutes of every student in the country. But, to do so meant a complex system of education hubs, localized centers, and a stream of funding that would allow for over 100 locations to be built and staffed.

Solution: In partnership with Fifty and Fifty, Donately crafted a digital campaign that maximized online fundraising at an international level. To do so, we implemented unique donor journeys for different user groups based on their motivation to give:

  1. Local donors were provided a way to sponsor the location closest to them, ensuring they could give to their own community.
  2. High net worth donors were encouraged to sponsor entire locations and were given the ability to name and fund a specific location of their choosing.
  3. Recurring donors were given rings made by students from construction materials.

The online experience allowed donors to understand the mission, sponsor specific locations through an interactive map, and receive a special gift directly from the teens they support. The campaign engaged influential partners, and thanks to Donately’s powerful fundraising capabilities, is currently pushing fundraising efforts over the $24M mark.


With Donately’s custom integrations and API flexibility, TUMO was able to build a site that not only connected with different audience groups, it drove action that the numbers support:

  • $24.7M raised and counting
  • 30+ locations funded
  • 1 Anthem Award Nomination
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