13 Best Examples of Short Donation Messages

Whether you're collecting donations for a nonprofit, school, sports team or another cause, use these effective, short donation message examples to drive action.

13 Best Examples of Short Donation Messages

In today's fast-paced world, attention spans are shorter than ever. People are constantly bombarded with information, and they often don't have the time or patience to read long, detailed messages. Mastering the art of short donation messages is now an essential skill. Whether you're collecting donations for a nonprofit, school, sports team or another cause, we have tips and short donation message examples to help you make the most of a small space.

When to Use Short Donation Messages

Short donation messages can capture attention and hold interest better than longer ones. People can quickly scan them and get to the point, making them ideal for our shorter attention spans. Here’s where you’ll find good examples of short donation messages.

Social Media

The growing importance of social media is one of the top fundraising trends nonprofits and other organizations should keep an eye on. But the world of Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram is fast-paced, and short donation messages are crucial to “stop the scroll” and grab users' attention. Short messages are more likely to be read and shared, increasing your reach, and more likely to get viewers to act, driving engagement and donations. 

Text Message Fundraising

Text messaging fundraising is an often overlooked donation platform, but one that’s ideal for modern donors’ busy, on-the-go lives. Short text messages are easily digestible on small screens, encourage quick responses and make donating as easy as possible. They let people make donations from anywhere, whether they’re at soccer practice, the dog park or out with friends. 

Donation Emails

Donation emails can be either long or short – in fact, many donation letter templates also work as emails. However, short emails tend to work best for situations like:

  • Urgency: Short copy with a clear call-to-action (CTA) communicates an immediate need for donations and gives your email a sense of urgency.
  • Mobile: Short emails with large CTA buttons are easier to read and engage with on smaller screens.
  • Repeat donors and follow-up: When donors are already familiar with your organization, just send them brief emails reminding them of your ongoing campaigns or urgent needs.

In-Person Events

Even in the age of online fundraisers, many organizations still rely on in-person events for gathering donations and creating a sense of community. Whether it’s a game night, gala or charity auction, some of the best examples of short donation messages appear on invitations, programs and promotional materials. Set up a table with a fundraising thermometer and other memorable visuals, where you can track progress and take on-the-spot donations.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Short Donation Message

When you’re brainstorming fundraising text for any platform, remember that giving donation message examples generally all follow these guidelines:

  • Keep it short: Keep your message brief and to the point, focusing on the most compelling aspects of your cause. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that your audience might not be familiar with.
  • Make it compelling: Highlight the time-sensitive nature of your campaign and use language that conveys a sense of urgency. Impactful visuals like images, graphics, or videos can also capture attention, especially on social media.
  • Highlight impact: Use strong, persuasive language to clearly communicate the impact each donation will have. Tell personal stories that will make a connection and inspire people to act. 
  • Personalize your message: Tailor your donation messages for your target audience, addressing their interests and motivations for giving. Use their first name when possible. Personalization can increase donor engagement and help you drive more donations.
  • Include a call to action: Clearly state what action you want recipients to take. Make sure they know donations are welcomed, and drive them to a customizable donation form that makes it easy and fast to contribute to your cause. 

Short Donation Message Examples for Social Media

The limits on how much you can write on social media vary by platform. Most experts agree that if you want your audience to take an action – rather just read an opinion or status update – you should keep it to a sentence or two, plus a few hashtags. Then link to your donation page where readers can find more information and donate. Here are some examples. 

Only 1 week left to reach our [$ amount] goal! During our matching donation challenge, your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling your impact. Donate at [link] today!

[Cause] has touched many lives. We want to hear your story! Please comment and share this post with your friends to raise awareness. Don’t forget to donate at [link] to help others like you!

It’s time to be a part of something bigger. Donate to [cause] at [link] and help us [description of where donation will go]. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need.

I’m raising funds for [organization] because [personal story]. [Cause] means a lot to me, and so would your donation. Give today at [link]. I appreciate your support!

Fundraising Text Examples

You’re not the only one wondering how to ask for money in a text message. To be effective, text message fundraising should use even shorter copy than social media, and it’s easy to get tripped up. How can you fit all your information in such a small area? Start with these examples: 

This week, any donation to [organization] will be matched. Make a gift at [link] and double your impact on [cause].

We’re so close to our goal of [amount] to combat [cause]. Give today at [link] to help us reach the finish line.

[Organization] is raising money for [cause]. We want to reach [$ amount]. Can we count on you? Donate today: [link]

Did you know [fact]? Even [$ amount] helps [related outcome]. Donate at [link] and make a difference today.

[Donor name], we’re fundraising for [cause]. Thanks to donors like you, we [impact]. Donate again at [link]. 

Donation Email Examples

Many times, short emails can increase donor engagement. While they can be longer than social media posts and text messages, you should still keep them to a few sentences. Use donors’ names if you can, or write “Dear Supporter.” These examples of short donation messages for email will grab attention in crowded inboxes, quickly communicate the key message, and prompt readers to take immediate action. 

Dear [Name],

We’re excited to announce a matching donation challenge. For every dollar donated, [donor] will match it until we reach our goal of [$ amount]!

Double your impact by donating at [link] today. 

Thanks for your consideration,

[Your Name]

Dear [Name],

We're close to reaching our fundraising goal of [$ amount]! Your donation can help get us there, so we can [outcome]. 

Click here to give now: [link].

Thanks in advance for your support!

[Your Name]

Dear [Name],

We’re hosting an exclusive [event/fundraiser] that aims to [cause/purpose of fundraiser].

Join us at [location] on [date, time] to positively change the lives of [beneficiaries]. 

Get your tickets at [link], and we’ll see you there!

[Your Name]

Dear [Name],

As a valued supporter of [Organization], your past donations have played a vital role in [cause/description of how donations helped]. 

Today, I’m writing to ask you to support [cause] during this [adjective] time. Please donate at [link] if you can. 

We’re grateful for your continued support. 

[Your Name]


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